A home’s breaker panel ages just like the rest of the house. When it’s time to install a new panel, a Winter Garden electrician can help you break down the cost and installation process.

The breaker panel also referred to as an electrical panel, is essentially a dashboard that takes in electricity from your electric company and safely redistributes the current through the appropriate circuits in your home. This panel also serves as a safety device called a circuit breaker that protects each individual circuit from overload, shutting off that current’s path when it reaches a certain level. 

As many homeowners know, there is also a “master” switch that allows you to shut down power to the entire home. Those who have managed a home for a bit longer likely have some experience working with the breaker panel, and new homeowners certainly need to familiarize themselves with this box in the event the circuit breaker shuts off power to an outlet or room, or in case they need to shut down power for the home.

Who Can I Call for Home Electrical Panel Installation?

Simple tasks related to a home’s breaker panel can often be managed by homeowners themselves. However, a more complex task like installing a new breaker panel should be handled by a Winter Garden electrician. 

Electrical projects around a home can become dangerous if done incorrectly, and the risk of electrocution is very real if power isn’t turned off properly or wires get crossed in the assembly of a project. At Bright Future Electric, our experienced Winter Garden electricians will ensure your new breaker panel is installed safely and correctly.

How do I Know if I Need a New Breaker Panel?Winter Garden Electrician

We can come to your home and assess your current panel, but generally, a panel would benefit from being replaced if it is more than 25 years old, has less than 200 amps of power, or is currently running at maximum capacity to power your home. 

Pay attention to how often your circuit breakers trip. If it happens regularly, that could mean your panel is overloaded. Call us and we will have one of our licensed Winter Garden electricians assess a course of action. According to Home Inspection Insider, if a panel exhibits those characteristics, it could become a safety concern. 

Additionally, if your panel shows signs of rust, please call us to inspect it immediately. Rust signals the presence of water (including humidity) that has come into contact with the panel. We know water and electricity do not mix, so that is a clear sign that you need to install a new panel.  

How Much Does A New Electrical Panel Cost?

Another frequently asked question is how much does it cost to install an entirely new breaker panel? That depends on a few factors, and the most important one is the amperage of the panel. For a new breaker panel, a higher amperage could mean a higher cost. 

Our licensed electricians can discuss the appropriate amps for your home based on its size and age. It is necessary to install a breaker panel with plenty of amps to power your home because it will be much safer and more effective long term. Each project is different, and one of our Winter Garden electricians will be able to properly assess the scope of the installation for you and determine an accurate price for the panel your home needs.

There are also factors to consider such as the location of your home, size of the project, and current labor cost. We want to ensure your new breaker panel is as safe and efficient as possible, and we will need to see each component of the system to determine what is needed. Please contact us to discuss an estimate in more detail. We would be happy to talk through your project with you.  

Installing a new breaker panel is certainly an investment in your home. Overall, it adds a secure level of protection against electrical fires and adds value to the property. It is important to keep your home running efficiently and power your lights, appliances, and any other powered items properly. You can contact us with any questions you have and to talk to one of our licensed Winter Park electricians about the nature of your project. We look forward to assisting you.