Installing a new breaker box is something that needs to be done by an experienced professional. If you’ve been looking for an Orlando electrician to update an electrical panel, the electricians at Bright Future Electric are standing by.

A modern property relies on an electrical panel, which is why it’s so important that yours is up-to-date and fully functional. It’s a good idea to find an Orlando electrician to update an electrical panel if:

  • It’s more than 25 years old
  • You’re adding more electrical systems to your property
  • You need more power than your current electrical system allows for
  • You have seen some of the other signs that it’s time for a new panel

Can I Replace My Own Electrical Panel?Orlando Electrician To Update An Electrical Panel

Removing your old electrical panel and replacing it with a new one is a highly advanced electrical project. It may be tempting to save on the cost of replacement and do it yourself, but it’s not advised. If you don’t have the right training, expertise, and tools for the job it can become extremely dangerous and potentially deadly. 

Additionally, many local codes and ordinances prohibit this kind of electrical work to be conducted by anyone except for a licensed electrician. It is better to work with professionals than to risk injury to yourself or damage to your home electrical system.

How Much Will It Cost To Replace An Electrical Panel?

Hiring an Orlando electrician to update an electrical panel can vary in price depending on a variety of factors. On average, electrical panel replacements cost between several hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

The total cost is affected by the scope of the project, the type of electrical panel, and the specific needs of your home. 

How Long Does An Electrical Panel Replacement Take?

Replacing an entire panel will often take anywhere from several hours to a few days depending on the placement of the panel and the wiring conditions in your home. 

If you don’t need the entire panel replaced, replacing a subpanel typically takes just a few hours, and adding or replacing breakers on your panel can be done in an hour or two.

Benefits To Replacing Your Electrical Panel

A malfunctioning electrical panel may make loud noises or feel hot to the touch. This is a potential fire hazard, and replacing the panel can increase the overall safety of your home and resolve dangerous problems. 

Replacing your electrical panel can also provide your home electrical system with greater capacity, allowing you to add more electrical outlets, larger appliances, and more. If your panel has not been providing you with a consistent electrical supply and you have noticed flickering lights and tripped breakers, an upgraded panel will resolve these problems as well.

Are You Looking For An Orlando Electrician To Update An Electrical Panel?

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