Are you wondering when you should start looking for an Orlando electrician for breaker replacement? Is this something you can just do on your own? Here’s what you need to know. 

Your home is equipped with an electrical panel that usually contains the main breaker and dozens of smaller circuit breakers. These breakers are designed to interrupt the power to a circuit when the electrical current reaches exceeds safe levels. This usually happens when you have too many high-powered electronics and appliances operating at the same time, and your electrical circuit can’t handle the load that is placed on it. 

Breakers work as a safety measure since they “trip” before the wires in the circuit heat to dangerous levels. By tripping, the breaker will cut off power to the circuit, which in turn will stop electricity from reaching the outlets, switches, and other fixtures in your home. Breakers may break or malfunction as time goes on, which means you will need to contact an Orlando electrician for breaker replacement. Bright Future Electric has the experienced people you want for this job.

What are the Signs You Need Breaker Replacement?Orlando Electrician For Breaker Replacement

Usually, breakers don’t need to be replaced unless they are broken, worn, or have stopped working as they should. If you aren’t sure if your breaker is the problem, you should consult with a qualified electrician. Sometimes the electrical problem could be coming from somewhere else, and the circuit breaker is not responsible.

Some common signs that a circuit breaker needs to be replaced include:

  • Physical damage
  • Burned material
  • Frayed wires
  • Smoke
  • Burning odors
  • Frequent tripping that is not caused by an overloaded circuit

Our electricians can help to pinpoint the cause of your electrical problems and provide the solutions you need to resolve them.

Can I Replace My Own Breakers?

While it is possible to replace your own circuit breaker, this is considered an advanced electrical repair and it shouldn’t be attempted by an inexperienced individual. Additionally, breaker replacements generally take several hours for a novice to complete and it probably isn’t something that you want to spend your weekend working on. 

The safest route is to hire a licensed Orlando electrician for breaker replacement. At Bright Future Electric, our electricians are licensed and insured and accomplish tasks like this regularly. Our experience and skill help us to replace your breakers quickly and safely. 

Looking For an Orlando Electrician For Breaker Replacement? Call Bright Future Electric Today

Circuit breaker replacement is just one of the many residential services that we offer in the Orlando area. Reach out to us today and we would be happy to discuss the electrical solutions that will meet your needs.