Electrical projects and issues often require a professional to get the job done. Luckily, there are skilled electricians from Orlando electrical companies like Bright Future Electric that can meet your needs.

Home projects are not for the faint of heart. Whether it’s a DIY update, a repair, or a full renovation, these tasks take skill, time, and a lot of effort. Projects involving a home’s electrical system tend to be the most intimidating because there is a greater possibility of doing damage to the home’s wiring. There is also the very real risk of electrocution. The mistakes that can be made when attempting electrical projects at home could be very costly, so it makes sense to find reputable Orlando electrical companies that can do the job instead.

When you are deciding which electrical contractor to enlist, there are some important considerations to make. Simply going for the first quote isn’t always the best strategy, so homeowners need to be sure they can ask the right questions and be knowledgeable about what to look for when selecting a company.

While there are many important factors to think about when hiring a contractor, here are five things to consider that will make the process much smoother and less stressful. 

License and InsuranceOrlando Electrical Companies

Both license and insurance fall under safety for both you and your contractor. There are, of course, major safety issues like the risk of shock or electrocution, but what about accidents like tripping over equipment or falling from a ladder? Your contractor should be insured to protect both their workers and you as the client so you do not incur any expense if an unfortunate accident happens. 

Additionally, a contractor’s license is proof that your chosen electrical contractor has the experience and knowledge to install electrical systems in a safe and timely manner.

Qualifications and Experience

When you begin discussing a project with a contractor from one of the qualified Orlando electrical companies, ask yourself and the contractor some of these questions:

  • What accreditations do you and your company have?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you offer a warranty on your work?
  • Are you familiar with updated home technology?
  • Have you successfully completed a job like this before?

These questions will help you objectively determine whether the company is a good fit for this job, and it will communicate your knowledge and care about your project to the company you hire. At Bright Future Electric, our experienced electricians use industry-leading solutions to accomplish your residential projects.


A good rule of thumb is to get three quotes for a job with the understanding that the hourly rate may vary due to experience, special designations, or equipment required. According to HomeAdvisor.com, a quoted hourly rate might be higher, but a skilled electrician could get the job done quickly without the need for additional work time and equipment, plus travel time. Listen carefully to the description of the way your project will be managed.

Communication and Dependability

Nothing takes away the excitement of a home project like dealing with a difficult contractor. From the first impression, pay attention to the contractor’s attitude and manner of communication. Are they professional and courteous? Do they arrive on time? Do they communicate clearly to you and go over costs transparently? When you bring someone into your home to work on a personal project, you have to be confident that you understand each other and can trust their work. Many Orlando electrical companies would agree that their electricians’ professionalism reflects the quality and reputation of their whole company.


Recommendations and references are extremely helpful in determining which Orlando electrical companies to hire. Talk to friends and neighbors about positive experiences they have had with electrical companies, and request references from contractors. Questions like “How did the company handle quotes?” and “Did you contractor communicate well throughout the entire project?” are telling insights into what you can expect from a company.

As you plan for home renovations, repair projects, or even a simple fixture change, remember these considerations, and you can feel confident in your knowledge to hire the right professional for your job. For more information or to submit inquiries, reach out to Bright Future Electric today. We would be happy to provide you with the electrical services you need.