You might recognize that you have an electrical problem that needs to be addressed. Can it wait for business hours, or do you need to contact an Emergency Electrician Orlando now?

Emergency Electrician OrlandoBright Future Electric is a full-service electrical contracting company offering residential electrical services at our Orlando, Florida location. You want your home electrical work handled by a licensed professional, especially when you think you may need urgent repairs. Here are some signs you need an emergency electrician Orlando:

A Burning Smell

The smell of something burning, especially if it smells like burning plastic or is coming from your electrical outlets, can be a sign of serious electrical problems. This smell could be caused by damaged or exposed wiring, which can lead to an electrical fire. It can often coincide with other signs of electrical problems, such as:

  • Black, brown or yellow discoloration and smudging around the electrical outlet
  • Large and long-lasting sparks coming out of your outlet 
  • A buzzing or humming sound coming from the outlet

Noises Coming From Your Electrical Panel

It’s not unusual for your electrical panel to give off a faint hum or buzzing sound during its everyday operation, but if you notice the noises are getting significantly louder, then it’s time to call an emergency electrician Orlando. These sounds could indicate an overloaded system or a breaker that is stuck and can’t turn off the circuit. 

Additionally, if your electrical panel has circuit breakers that have been tripping often, you should contact an electrician. These breakers are in place as a safety measure to ensure that your electrical system doesn’t become overloaded. But breakers that trip for no apparent reason can indicate an underlying problem.

You Live In An Old House

Older homes that haven’t received an upgrade to their electrical system can come with a variety of issues. One tell-tale sign that you’re in need of an update is that your power outlets won’t accept a three-prong plug. Older two-slot electrical outlets were common in pre-1950s homes before building codes began to require them in certain areas of newly constructed houses. 

Three-prong outlets are grounded outlets and this safety feature allows a grounding wire to be connected from your electrical circuit to whichever applianceEmergency Electrician Orlando you are plugging in. 

Your Home Has Sustained Water Damage

If your house recently flooded – maybe a pipe burst or you have had a bad roof leak – you should call an emergency electrician Orlando to check on your electrical system. Water and electricity don’t mix and the power to your home needs to be shut off before you enter any affected areas in an incident like this. 

You Have No Power

This one may seem obvious, but if you’re the only house on the street with no power, it might be a sign of larger problems. You’ll want to check with your utility provider first to ensure that there are no issues, then have an emergency electrician Orlando inspect your property. An experienced electrician can quickly identify the source of the problem, whether it’s affecting your entire home or just one room. 

As with anything related to your home electrical system, it’s always best to use extreme caution and not attempt to do any repairs on your own. Contact Bright Future Electric today. No job is too big or small for our team of highly qualified, skilled technicians.