There are some tell-tale signs that you need circuit breaker panel replacement in Orlando, but can you name them? Keep reading to find out if you’re in need of our residential electrical services,

Hiring an electrician for circuit breaker panel replacement in Orlando can provide your home with a much-needed increase in the capacity of your electrical system, and while this is a common reason for a panel upgrade, it’s not the only one. Replacing your electrical panel can also be necessary to keep your family safe. Out-of-date and unsafe electrical equipment has no place in your home. In this blog, we will discuss some of the indications that it’s time to replace your electrical panel

Signs That You Need Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement in Orlando

Your Panel Has Rust On It

Water and electricity don’t mix, and if your electrical panel has rust spots, it often means that water has gotten into it. High levels of humidity and leaks are common sources of water, so when you replace the panel you will also need to address whatever is causing the rust. 

Scorch Marks On The Panel

If your breakers or circuits are overheating, they can often leave burn marks that are visible on your electrical panel. Calling a licensed electrician to inspect the panel can help avoid a potential fire. 

Strange Sounds

A small humming sound coming from the electrical panel is usually considered normal, but if you can hear extremely loud hissing, popping, and crackling noises there could be something wrong with the circuit breaker, a loose connection, or faulty wiring. 

You Get Electric Shocks From Touching Electrical Outlets And Light Switches

If you’ve been getting electric shocks when you turn the lights on and off or when you plug something in, you should have a professional electrician examine your electrical system right away. Sometimes this is caused by an improperly grounded system, but it can also be caused by an outdated electrical panel or faulty wiring. 

Large Appliances Are Impacting Your Electrical SystemCircuit Breaker Panel Replacement in Orlando

When a large appliance like a refrigerator, dishwasher, air conditioner, or furnace turns on, it requires a significant amount of electricity. If your electrical panel doesn’t have a high capacity to support the electrical needs of a modern household, upgrading your electrical panel to a higher-amperage one will allow it to supply all of your appliances and devices with the power they need.

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